Grey World

Grey world

Stone buildings stretch up high toward the sterile dark gray sky. A thick snow falls slowly, peacefully, to the ground though somehow never accumulates, disappearing, leaving no trace of its existance. Though there is no sun, moon, or stars visible in the sky, or any light source for that matter, there is a dim light that touches everything and everyone, making it all glow faintly, though washing out all color in the process. Bathed in silence and stillness, save for the falling snow, this uninhabited city is an empty world of gray.

The buildings are located on circular cobble-stoned roads that ring around the exact center of the city. In the core of the city is a large domed building that is many blocks long and wide. Etched above the door to this building is the word “Ilumnos”. From this center building four streets emerge, one from each side, that interesect the ringed streets and ends just after the outermost layer street at the foot of a building. Four buildings are situated this way, two sets directly across from each other, north, south, east, and western most points of the city (if those directions had any relation or meaning in the world). These buildings are the library, the gardens, the temple, and the crypt.

Ilumnos and the Grey World

The Ilumnos Machine is located in a building in the exact center of the Grey World.

No color cyrstals are needed to get to the Grey World from Ilumnos because the Grey world is it’s default.

NoteBackground MusicNote

For this world I played selections from the “Unbreakable Soundtrack”.

Track 4 – Heiroglyphics

Track 2 – Reflection of Elijah

Track 3 – Weight Lifting

Track 10 – School Nurse

For more music information check out- Gaming Music: A Music Reference For GMs

Grey World

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