Ilumnos: Secrets In A Beam of Light

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The Ilumnos Series is a story about a group of strangers who have stumbled into a strange new world and have no way to return home. This place is an empty colorless city that houses a giant machine which can be used to travel to new and exotic worlds. This machine uses color crystals to navigate to its destinations. Out of necessity the group must work together to explore these new worlds to try to find a key to the way home.

Table of Contents

The campaign is broken down into distinct chapters, each chapter contains party’s journey through a world which is defined by its color in the Ilumnos Machine. For this reason it reads more like a story, so it is reccomended for ease of reading and to get the best flow that you read the adventure logs in chronological order.

Prequel -Grey-Ilumnos
Chapter 1 -Blue-Fang of Fenris
Chapter 2 -Red-Enter Lavarus
Chapter 3 -Purple-Time Stands Still
Chapter 4 -Yellow-3D Maze
Chapter 5 – Grey -Library and Gardens
Chapter 6 -Green-Claudesto’s Mansion
Chapter 7 -Orange-Heavy Hearts
Chapter 8 -Grey-Temple and Crypt



Be sure to visit The Library if you wish to explore the world without the narrative of the Adventure Logs. It is like an index of the Ilumnos wiki pages, with information about worlds, places of interest, who’s who, and more.

Pages about worlds and places have pictures so that you may catch a glimpse of what the party saw in their adventures. It also has information and links to what background music was played while in these settings so that you may get a feel of the mood and atmosphere of game play.

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The Ilumnos Series

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