Yellow World


The entire world consists of a series of interconnected buildings called the Three Dimensional Compound because it is similar in it’s construction to the Ilumnos Machine in that it is a fixed constant in different worlds. Unlike Ilumnos the Three Dimensional Compound only exists in three color worlds.

Getting through the Three Dimensional Compound involves making it through a series of puzzles, mazes, and traps as well as past monsters. It is also not possible to make it through the compound without traveling to its mirror images in the other color worlds Deep Blue and Dark Red.

From markings/writing within the Three Dimensional Compound it is obvious that it was built by the advanced race who used to inhabit the Grey World and are the makers of the Ilumnos Machine.

Ilumnos and the Yellow World

The Ilumnos Machine is located in the center of the Yellow World, however the rest of the Three Dimensional Compound is unreachable until switches are switched in the Deep Blue and Dark Red worlds which unlock a door in the Yellow World which grants entrance to the rest of the Three Dimensional Compound.

From Ilumnos one must use the yellow color crystal to get to the Yellow World.

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Yellow World

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