Spirit World

Bamboo forest

The Spirit World is a mirror world of the Purple World. It is immaterial but connected to the Purple World through the forces of good and evil and the four elements (air, water, earth, fire). Visually, it loks like a watercolor painting of its corresponding parts in the Purple World.

Each element is manifested in the Spirit World by a spirit or many spirits of an alignment of good or evil. So there are both good and evil air spirits, good and evil earth spirits, good and evil water spirits, and good and evil fire spirits. There are also spirits that aren’t elemental, they are connected more to humanity and nature. The non-elemental spirits will sometimes interact with the lives of the Moon Elves by taking animal form because they are concerned with how the Moon Elves actions impact the constant struggle between good and evil and between the elements in their world. the Moon Elves’ actions may tip the balance in the favor of one spirit over the others.

The Spirits of Tao Fon
TYPE Good Evil
Earth Me-zu Oni Yak Folk
Water Brown Bullhead Fish Giant Toads
Air Celestial Dragon Tengu
Fire Phoenix Akuma-no-Oni
Non-Elemental Hengeyokai Hebi-No-Onna

The Spirits of Fei Jha
TYPE Good Evil
Earth Spirit Centipede Tsuno
Water Dak-ho Tako
Air Roc Lammasu
Fire Gotokuneko (Fire-breathing Cat) Fire Naga
Non-Elemental Bisan Heart Leeches


Characters traveling to the Spirit World undergo some changes. Since the spirit world is immaterial the charcters’ ability scores will change.

Their force of personality defines how strong they are in this world, therefore their Strength is now equal to their Charisma score.

Their nimbleness of mind defines how dextrous they are, therefore their Dexterity is now equal to their Intelligence score.

Since willpower is tied to Wisdom, and willpower will define their fortitude, their Constitution is now equal to their Wisdom score.

NoteBackground MusicNote

General background music for the spirit world would be a track from the Spirited Away soundtrack.

A Road to Somewhere

For the forests and mountains of the Spirit World I used selections from the soundtrack Memoirs of a Geisha.

Rooftops of the Hamachi

Dr. Crab’s Prize

Destiny’s Path

For the Batukhan’s Palace in the Spirit World I used selections from Phillip Glass Dracula Soundtrack performed by the Kronos Quartet.

For more music information check out- Gaming Music: A Music Reference For GMs

Spirit World

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