Purple World


Breath-taking gigantic green mountains that pierce the clouds, dense forests of bamboo, and fields and woods saturated with beautiful purple flowers are the typical sights of this land. It is home to the Moon Elves, who are a tall race, averaging over 6 feet, with snow white skin, who are culturaly similar to ancient Chinese and Japanese. Geo-policically the land has been divided into realms, each ruled by a single king or emperor-type figure.

Ilumnos and the Purple World

The Ilumnos Machine is located within the palace of the Batukhan Hiraku Chitose in the realms of Fei Jha. The room has been locked up and magic traps have been set to keep intruders out/in.

From Ilumnos one must use the blue and red crystals simultaneously to get to the Purple World.

NoteBackground MusicNote

For the royal palace I played selections from the soundtrack to the movie Hero.

Track 3 ‘Warriors’

Track 6 ‘At the Emperor’s Palace’

Track 9 ‘Spirit Fight’

For more music information check out- Gaming Music: A Music Reference For GMs

Purple World

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