Gamla is a small human village in the Blue World. It is located just off the shore which faces the island of Fengard. It is a poor town with a population of about 300. Conditions in Gamla are very rough, most villagers don’t live to old age, dying from disease, starvation, or by wolves. Villagers grow small crops and hunt for a living as there is no real economy, though some take up other hobbies such as smithing or crafts which help raise the cultural level of the village by a little. Traditionally Gamla is ruled by the eldest able male, who is currently Krugmar.

The villagers observe a belief system which helps to explain their difficult and unenlightened way of life. They believe that they are living in a post end-times era, after what they refer to as Ragnarok. They believe that they once had a great civilization but that the murder of a greater deity named Odin by a deity called the Fenris Wolf caused the downfall of their civilization.

NoteBackground MusicNote

For the Village of Gamla, during “down” times when the group was just talking with villagers or amongst themselves I played the following tracks from the game soundtrack Age of Conan, and from the soundtrack to the film Conan the Barbarian.

Hamlets of Aquilonia


The Arrival: Cimmerian Welcome

The Sands of Forgetfulness

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