Blue World


Thick forests end at a cold and dark blue ocean. The land seems to be stuck in an eternal winter. Large wolves have taken over much of the forest, and have been creeping their way into the territory of the only sign of civilization in the entire realm, a small poor village called Gamla.

There are many islands off the coast, but one in particular has local significance; the villagers refer to it as Fengard. They believe a huge wolf deity called Fenris hid there shortly before being killed by the son of the deity Odin , whom Fenris killed during Ragnarok.

Ilumnos and the Blue World

Ilumnos is located deep below the ocean and is accessable by a door just off the shore which leads to a very long staircase.

From Ilumnos one must use just the blue crystal to reach the Blue World.

NoteBackground MusicNote

For the forests of the Blue World I used selections from a few different soundtracks.

Track 3 – The Bad Color – The Village Soundtrack

Track 6 – More Dreams – The Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack

Track 4 – Entering the City With a Future Foretold – Apocalypto Soundtrack"

And others….

For more music information check out- Gaming Music: A Music Reference For GMs

Blue World

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