The basic structure of this compound exists in three different worlds, though the contents vary greatly in each. The Yellow World’s compound seems to have been built by some technologically advanced race, most likely the same who built the Ilumnos Machine. The compound which exists far below the ocean waters of the Blue World is a bit of a mystery, but will be referred to as the Deep Blue compound. Far under the mysterious ancient ruins in the Red World which the party guessed may have been home to both the race which built the Ilumnos Machine and the gnomes, existing below the volcanic mountains is what will be referred to as the Dark Red compound, whick must have been built to provide steam power to the the inhabitants of the ruined city above.

This page is for broad information about the compounds and the music that was played for each chamber. For full details about the party’s journey through the chambers please read the Adventure Log.


The Yellow Compound is known as the Secret City. It exists in a color dimension created by the creatures who created the Ilumnos Machine. They created this secret city to lock away their valuables and protect information. They riddled it with high-tech quasimagical traps. It was created before the other compounds and later, after the Blue and Red were no longer in use the three were modified so that they were connected in various ways, and additions were made, such as the 3 dimensional mazes M1 and M2.

Note invertedBackground MusicNote inverted

Y1: Art GalleryMetroid Prime 2 Soundtrack, Torvus Bog Entrance, Dark Agon Wastes, Dark Torvus Bog, and Dark Submerged Temple

Y2: Clockwork RoomGlobal Communication-76:14, Track 2 14:31, Track 9 4:14, and Track 10 12:18

Y3: Number PuzzlePhutureprimitive-Subconscious All tracks except for 5.

Y4: Column RoomMetroid Prime Soundtrack, Ancient Chozo Ruins, Chozo Ruins, and Tallon Overworld


This place is known as the Sunken City. Once long ago, members of a great civilization walked its halls and performed research of the most advanced type under its roof. It it not known what happened to this race.

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B1-3: Planetarium, Bio-Chamber (Waterfall Room), LaboratoryBiosphere-Insomnia Track 15 Quay, Track 4 Field, Track 12 Transit, Track 5 Probe, and Track 7 Shade.

B4: Intra-Dimensional Studies – H.U.V.A. Network, Rain Geometries


This underground development is known as the Burning City. It was a power plant and control center for the city above. the race that built the Ilumnos Machine once inhabited this place alongside the gnomes and both were responsible for the building and design of this compound.

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R1-4: Pipe Room, Control Room, Machine Storage, and Energy CoreDiablo 2 Soundtrack, Tracks 4, 5, 6, 15, 17, 19, and 20.

Other Music

For the Mazes M1 and M2 I used the Riven Sound Track by Robyn Miller. Tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, and 19

For the Boss battles in the Red and Blue worlds I used the Quake 3 Soundtrack

For the boss battle in the Yellow world I used a mix of songs by Terrorfakt.
From Cold World Remixes:
Track 15 God of Killers, Track 1 Achtung!, Track 7 Arsenal, Track 14 Corrupt, Track 13 Street Justice, Track 10 Furak

For more music information check out- Gaming Music: A Music Reference For GMs


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