He is the court Wu-Jen to the Batukhan of Fei Jha.


Virote is a short and slender Moon Elf. He typically wears thick white robes with purple trim and no designs. He has yellow eyes and is bald, with the exception of three strands of hair, one one each side of his head and one on top, that are pulled together through a golden ring about six inches long and then spill out through the top in a foot long pony tail.

His name means “Power” in Moon Elven.


He is the court Wu-Jen (or official wizard) to the Batukhan (or king) of Fei Jha, Hikaru Chitose. The Batukhan relies upon the vast knowledge of Virote to make many decisions. Over the many years, Virote has proven to to be unwaveringly loyal to the Batukhan. With the recent attempt on the Batukhan’s life he has been placed as the head of security.


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