Dakari is a tall thin human man with dark tanned skin. He has a scraggly beard and scars all over his arms and chest. He is dressed in weather-beaten commoner’s clothes and carries a scimitar.


Dakari is a figure well known to the Rakshasa merchants of the land of the dead. His story has become legend. Long ago he fell in love with a young priestess, with whom a relationship was forbidden. He promised his eternal love to her and told her that he would wait forever for her, including waiting in the afterlife. And so he has done. After many years passed he thought she must have slipped by, for this world is so vast. He was overcome with sadness, because he realized his error, that he couldn’t face judgement without her because that would be breaking his promise and would not bode well for his soul, for his judgement. He was trapped. He has been passing his time by doing good deeds by helping all the travelers he comes across, and hoping that information about his love, the young woman who eventually became the high priestess Dendera, may come his way.


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