"Tank" Tykey Bruce

An innocent human mechanic from a world of airships and machines, unexpectedly brought to the worlds of Ilumnos.


Human Engineer, 24 years old
6’3", blonde, blue eyes, fair skin, boyish face.
Always tends to stand slightly hunched, shoulders drawn in, as if he’s trying to make himself smaller.
He wears blue overalls which seem to be entirely made out of pockets, all of which are overflowing with trinkets and doodads and half-built devices; and goggles and boots which constantly seem to gain new attachments, to make them do… who knows what.
He’s quick to smile, and friendly.


Tank, named Tykey Bruce by his parents, grew up in a world filled with mechanical wonders: great metal chariots called “trains” that fly along tracks at incredible speeds, ships that fly alongside birds, even- if the rumors flying around New Haven were right – boats that could travel under the water instead of on top of it.
All his life, he knew his calling was to be the man who kept the sky ships flying: a mechanic. Machines spoke to him, and he always felt that they were telling him what they needed, and the gears and chains and pulleys lying idle in the scrapyard whispered to him what they wanted to be.
At 16, after apprenticing for years in the repair shop in the airship docks, the captain of the HMS Dignity took him on as official ship’s mechanic. He’s been a valued member of their crew ever since, keeping the ship in top shape, and making new devices to improve life aboard the Dignity.

But during a long stopover in grand New Haven, something strange happened. Tank, exploring the city streets, happened to see the brightest grasshopper of his life go hopping past, and, fascinated, he followed it. He followed it until, rounding a corner, it was gone – and Tank found himself in a part of the city he’d never seen before, a part of the city that didn’t seem to fit with the rest. A door ahead of him had four numbered barrels set into it, and, inspecting the device to try and figure it’s workings, Tank entered the last number he’d seen before chasing the grasshopper, the time on the tower clock – 1247.
The door opened. Inside seemed to be… another city. He stepped through. The door shut behind him. And Tank was in the Grey World.

"Tank" Tykey Bruce

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