Batukhan Hiraku Chitose

The King of Fei Jha and four neighboring realms.


The Moon Elf king of Fei Jha is dressed in a heavy suit of deep purple armor and white gauntlets. On his face there is a tattoo that traces the outer line of his right eye and down along his nose. It is just a solid purple mark. His hair is sholder length and pulled up into a purple ribbon tie.

His title, Batukhan, means “Ruler” in Moon Elven. His name translates to “To shine 1.000 years.”


The Ruler of Fei Jha has recently taken over four of the five neighboring realms, nearly uniting the ancient empire of the Great Emperor- which was broken up upon his death so that his sons wouldn’t fight for the throne, they could all rule in peace.

He has had great ambitions most of his life. When he was a child his name was Prince Kosuke. Kosuke in Moon Elven means “rising sun.” When he was crowned king he didn’t take the traditional title of Bu, which means “leader”, he instead took Batukhan, which is an ancient title, used in days even long beofre the Great Emperor, meaning “ruler.” It was symbolic of things to come. He has since conquored all but one other realm, deposing their king’s and declaring himself their ruler. He is hated and feared in most of the world for only bringing war.

He competed with Bu Kaida Benjiro, for the love of a young woman name Aisea, but he won when he convinced her parents that he would be the stronger, richer, and greater leader. She became Queen Aisea, and has always been a voice of reason and peace.

Batukhan Hiraku Chitose

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