Availin Lucretcia

"Halberd out...."


A human man with elvish traits in his early 30’s. He is 5’6” and 115 lbs. A halbred is almost always on his back, if not it’s in his hand ready for combat. He wears a black shirt and ripped pants. His long black hair is pulled back into a pony tail except for a single small loop of hair hangin down by his dark green eyes.


Before Availin Lucretcia ended up in the predicament he currently finds himself, he was on a journey for personal knowledge. Availin has a birth mark on his upper left shoulder that he knows almost nothing about. He has searched many lands in hope of coming across someone who may be able to tell him what it says or what it stands for. Up until recently all he knew was that he was of some sort of demonic heritage, but never actually knew if he had ties to the Abyss, the Nine Hells, or something entirley different. However, in the Red World, Availin’s party met up with someone named Glycon of Elswyr. He was able to translate the words in the tattoo which read,”Keepers of The Eternal Flame”. He didn’t know of any significance that the symbol may hold, but a translation was enough to make Availin feel ecstatic.

Availin Lucretcia

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