The Ilumnos Series

Chapter 4- 3D Maze

The party puts the yellow crystal into the Ilumnos Machine. There appears only a familiar door, the one with the yellow rune on it they saw in the Blue World and the Red World. This time they are able to open the door, hinting to them the nature of the rune, and foreshadowing of the tri-dimensional connections they will be navigating soon enough. The door leads to a short hall with another door at the end. This door has two unlit lights above it, one red and one blue. Nothing the party engineer “Tank” can do seems to have any effect on the locked door and the two lights.

It is suggested that they check out the yellow-runed door in the red and blue worlds to see if now that they have opened it here if it will be open there as well. As they suspected the yellow-runed door is open in both worlds. In those places the door leads to a dead end, about where the second door would be in the Yellow World. Instead of a door though, there is only a single switch. When flipped, the switches light up their respective lights above the door. When both lights are lit the door is unlocked.

The party now has access to The Three-Dimesional Compound.

Yellow map new

Exploring this compound the party realizes that the basic structure of this compound exists in three different worlds, though the contents vary greatly in each. The Yellow World’s compound seems to have been built by some technologically advanced race, most likely the same who built the Ilumnos Machine. The compound which exists far below the ocean waters of the Blue World is a bit of a mystery, but will be referred to as the Deep Blue compound. Far under the mysterious ancient ruins in the Red World which the party guessed may have been home to both the race which built the Ilumnos Machine and the gnomes, existing below the volcanic mountains is what will be referred to as the Dark Red compound, whick must have been built to provide steam power to the the inhabitants of the ruined city above.

0: Cage/Floor Tile Puzzle Room

This room has two large cages suspended from the ceiling by a connected wire. The room itself is sectioned off by wired fencing into three parts, to get across the room one must get into the cage and move it using the levers inside across the tiled floor to get to the only opening to the third section. The middle section is slpit in two so that each cage only has access to half the middle section.
The Trick: The floor is an illusion, with deadly spikes at the bottom waiting for those in the falling cage, and the ceiling is lined with spikes, waiting for one cage to fall so that the other will be pulled up since they are connected like the ends of a scale. Since the Pc’s are in the yellow world, and the illusory floor is too they cannot see yellow tiles. However the cage can rest on tiles in the blue and red worlds, unfortunately they can’t see those worlds. Luckily the creator of this puzzle gave them 6 red and 6 blue candles for each cage. When used the party discovers that the candles shine a magical light that shows what is in the world of the corresponding color, within a 10 foot radius. The candles can then be used to check for solid tiles, though they are one use each.

After they get through this puzzle there is a machanical device integrated into the wall that is connected to the Ilumnos Machine, and can be used to change color worlds within the maze without having to go all the way back. These stations will be referred to as mini-Ilumnos stations.

Yellow 2: Clockwork Room

This room is a jumble of giant moving gears, spinning along all axes. Some move up and down while other stay stationary in their revolutions. Making it through the path of gears requires jump checks and balance checks with the degree of difficulty based on the speed and size of the gear moving and whether or not it moves or remains stationary. The checks generally ranged from DC 13 to DC 16 with a Reflex check of either DC 16 or DC 18, depending on cidcumstances, allowed to catch oneself if the check fails. If a falling PC catches themself they must make a STR check to pull themself back up DC 12.

Too complicate things a bit there is a gun on a turret on their celing that begins to shoot ball bearings at a random target each round. The gun uses heat vision to detect life. If a PC is hit they take 1d6 damage and must make a balance check of DC 12 or fall from their spot.

Blue 2: Waterfall Room

This large chamber is filled with lush plants and a huge waterfall spilling into a pool of water. There is something of a path through the overgrowth. Incredibly long and massively thick vines clutter the path, crossing it to reach the pool of water. About half-way the party is surprised when the vines wrap around their legs and begin to pull them up into the air! Hidden in this ecochamber is an assasinvine and a greenvise, two very deadly living plants!

Red 2: Control Room

This room is filled with about 30 machines of unknown purpose lined up into rows about 8 across. The far back wall is a panel with 100 marked switches. The exit door is locked.

They figure out that this room is another puzzle. Switches marked with prime numbers open up a hatch on one of the machines, while switches marked with numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence open up a chute near the panel of switches. Numbers which are in both sets – both prime and Fibonacci – turn on a light above the door and unlock the door partially.

They also discover, through the school of hard knocks, that switches which are even numbers (except for 2, 8, and 34) deal light damage (1d4) by releasing a stream of burning steam into the room. Swtiches divisible by 5 (except 5 and 55) deal medium damage (1d6) and all switches divisible by 10 deal heavy damage (2d6).

M1 – Door Maze

This chamber is only accessible by flipping a switch outside of the door from each of the three color worlds. This means that the party has to make it through Y2, B2, and R2 before this chamber is unlocked to them.

The design is simple enough. A room with four doors (most of the time) each marked with a color rune. The party can only pass through each door in the color world which matches the rune (Yellow world for yellow rune, etc.). They start off in the yellow and must find their way through, at first they are only able to pass through yellow runed doors, but eventually they find a room with a mini-Ilumnos station and they face the choice of which of the other two worlds to go to. If they go to Blue then they can only make it through blue doors, and the same goes for red. Tere are mini-Ilumnos stations scattered throughout.

One more challenge, a small number of rooms (7 out of the total of 72) have been trapped with a gas that wipes out recent memory unless a FORT check DC 17 or 18 (I don’t remember and can’t find it written down) is made. Failure for the entire group means that the map is taken away and the players get a clean sheeet of paper.

Yellow 3: Number Puzzle

This chamber has four rooms in it. Access through the first room is only possible by solving the first part of the number puzzle.

In each room a number is on the wall. Above each door reads a digital display. Each door has a wheel that turns the number above it, moving it up or down.

The first room has the number 3 on the wall. The door only opens when the display above it’s door is on a multiple of 3.

The second room has the number 8 on the wall. It’s wheel changes the number in the tens place on the digital display. The door will only open if the number on the display is a multiple of 8.

The third room has the number 5 on the wall. It’s wheel changes a number in the hundreds place on the digital display. the door will only open if the number on the display is a multiple of 5.

The fourth room Has the number 108 on the wall. It’s wheel changes a number in the thousands place on the digital display. The door will only open if the number on the display is a multiple of 108. This is the final room.

Step 1: 0003
Step 2: 0093
Step 3: 0096
Step 4: 0296
Step 5: 0246
Step 6: 0240
Step 7: 1240
Step 8: 1040
Step 9: 1080

This solution requires the party to back track multiple times to set up a lower digit so that the next room ’s higher digit will be strategic for the next room.

Blue 3: The Lab

Long tables, actually workbenches, line the floor in an organized fashion. Random parts, half-broken and rusted away, to strange devices are scattered about. They are of alchemical, electronic, and other such natures.

The party finds a device which plays a message. It is a holographic image accounting the details of a recent outbreak of sorts. It first appeared in the “bio-chamber” or the Waterfall Room. The plants there began to change. the cause and nature remained mysterious to even their best scientists. Finally their wolf, Fenrir, was infected! He gave it to the other animals and began to attack everyone in this station. The man giving the message was the last survivor, and he didn’t think he’d last much longer.

This strikes the party as odd. This place is in the Blue World, and the folk of the Blue World told stories of a god-like wolf named Fenrir, or Fenris, who killed their Gods. They also believed that their Gods were warriors that would meet them in the afterlife in a place filled with long tables of warrior heroes for a large feast. Could this laboratory with it’s workbenches be the Valhalla they spoke of?

Red 3: Machine Storage

A thick layer of reddish brown soot coats the floor and piles nearly a foot high. A few pieces of metal stick up here and there, but mostly nothing remains in this room.

Walking to the other side of the room, they notice that the soot seems to be moving in places. A horde of foot long Rust roaches come out, smelling their weapons and armor! They hurry to the far door but it won’t open. The locking mechanism seems to be corroded! The lock must be repaired and then picked by the party engineer “Tank” Tykey Bruce before it can open.

5: Bridge Control

This chamber is split in half. The party enters through the entrance from chamber 3. There is a switch which raises half of a bridge connecting this chamber to Chamber 6. The other half can only be raised by flipping the switch on the other side, which can only be entered from chamber 4.

The party must head back to Chamber 0 and make their way through the right side of the map now.

Yellow 1: Art Gallery

This chamber is split into three rooms.

The first is a long narrow room full of strange sci-fi looking art. They are weird depictions that don’t resemble any kind of life forms or alien landscapes. The party makes their way cautiously through, but nothing happens.

The next room is a large square room full of large sculptures whose subject or object is just as alien as the depictions in the paintings in the previous room. Unknown to them however is that the sculputers and the floor, other than 5-10 feet around the edges, are completely illusory. The fake floor is actually a DarkMagus’s Forever Fall Trap. The fake floor covers a 20 foot deep pit of spikes. The floor of the spike pit is held up by springs that when enough weight hits it triggers a reverse gravity spell that sends the PC back up into the air. The ceiling over the pit is also illusory, and is also covering a 20 foot deep pit, with a matching trap. the PC will then effectively “fall” up the 20 feet, plus 10 feet until the illusory ceiling, plus the 20 feet of the ceiling pit for a total of 50 feet into a pit of spikes. This then triggers another reverse gravity spell. This could theoretically continue forever…

Pavlik Shadehaven falls victim to the trap. He hits bottom, taking 3d6 damage and then begins to “fall” upward. Luckily “Tank” has recently devised a grappling arm (similar to Bionic Commando) that he uses to catch Pavlik before he hits the ceiling.

The last room is another long narrow room with paintings on the walls. This room has a laser tunnel trap. When the party reaches the middle of the room a trigger on the floor activates a couple of lasers, which originate from painting on the short ends of the rectangular room. The lasers are positioned so that they will reflect off of the paintings, which are made of a reflective material and are convex lenses. Nearly instantaneously the hall is filled with a criss cross of high energy laser beams burning all those caught in their path. (5d6 heat damage)

Blue 1: Planetarium

This huge chamber with a domed top is adorned with a large model of a planetary system. The floor is covered with a thin layer of a slippery green algae.

The bronze model is of a strange planet-type object surrounded by three much larger stars. The accompanying plaque reveals that it is a planet called Rysos which somehow has a gravity so strong that it has three stars that orbit it, instead of it orbiting a star. Perthies is a yellow star which makes a full revolution in 84 “years”. Aol is a red star that makes a full revolution in 63, and Kru’ Dhon is a blue that makes it in 98.

Exactly one round after the PC’s enter the chamber the door they came in through closes and locks and the dome ceiling opens up, letting in hundreds of gushing gallons of water from the ocean above each round.

The only way out is another door. This door has four spinning number slots, similar to the doors which tok them to the Grey World and the ones to the Library, Gardens, Temple, and Crypt. Next to the door is another plaque. This is reads: “You arrive on Rysos to discover that you missed the most fantastic sight in the multiverse, the three star moons all rising at the same time. It happened one year ago. How many more years must you wait before you can witness this galactic splendor?”

While they are trying to figure this puzzle out a dragon eel is pulled into the chamber from the waters above. Half the party fights off the dragon eel while the other half solves the number puzzle.

They realize that to figure out the answer all they need to do is find the least common multiple of the three numbers of years each star takes to revolve around the planet and then subtract one, because one of those years has already passed. The solution is 1763.

Red 1: Piperoom

Pipes nearly fill this entire room, save for the space above and below the metal grating path through this large square room. The party suspects a trap is lain for them and take it cautiously and very early on spot that in places the floor has been nearly cut out, all it would take is enough force, such as the weight of a person, to have these parts of the floor collapse entirely. This would send whomever was walking on it to fall below, where they can’t quite see, but they can hear noises which sound like giant spiders crawling about. Baran casts Fly on himself and Availin and Pavlik uses his natural ability to spideclimb, and Tank uses his boots of spider climb. They make it through without falling for a single trap- evading not only the giant spiders, but the ettercaps waiting patiently below as well.

M2: 3 Dimensional Maze

This chamber is only accessible by flipping a switch outside of the door from each of the three color worlds. This means that the party has to make it through Y1, B1, and R1 before this chamber is unlocked to them.

The concept is simple, getting through it on the other hand is not.

Entering through the yellow world laid out before them is a maze that exists in three color dimensions, yellow, red, and blue. The maze from one world does not mirror another, so they are effectively three different mazes. Scattered throughout are mini-Ilumnos stations which they can use to travel to any of the three color worlds.

Also scattered throughout are switches. All of the switches must be thrown before they can exit. To make things just a little more difficult though there is a timer that counts down. Throwing a switch resets the timer, but when time runs out a toxic gas fills the maze and everyone inside it takes damage.

Yellow 4: Column Room

This room has two columns of four large stone columns on each side of the room, leaving a 20 foot wide path down the middle. Stepping into the room triggers long sharp blades to pop out of the columns and for the columns to begin spinning very quickly. The blades are just long enough that they nearly touch the other column of columns. The blades run the entire length of the columns so passing through any space within 5 feet of a column would be quite tretcherous.

The only clear safe path appears to be the middle of the room. The 20 wide path is now shortened to 10 feet thanks to five feet being shaved off of each side by nearby columns.

Down this path however are 3 10′×10′ DarkMagus’s Submerged Electric Cage Traps.

How it works:
When a PC steps on the space occupied by a DarkMagus’s Submerged Electric Cage Trap the floor immediately gives way. They fall into a 20 foot deep pit filled with 15 feet of water. Iron bars then begin to roll from the sides and block the PC or PC’s in the pit. The bars are 12 feet above the floor, leaving 3 feet of water above them. Basically any PC stuck in the trap is completely submerged in water with no air to breath. It gets worse. Then electric nodes are activated the round after the iron bars close them in and send out an electric shock every round (3d6 damage) The race is then to see if they can escape before they drown or are electrocuted to death. Pretty Nasty Huh?

Availin and Pavlik fail to notice the trap and fall into it, splashing into the water below. “Baran” saves the day with his lightning quick reaction. He casts Regroup to bring all of his allies next to him. This telports the two trapped PC’s out of harms way.

Blue 4: Intra-Dimensional Studies

This chamber houses many smaller rooms, and some rooms which overlook others through one-way mirrors. The rooms being watched have beds set up in them. Other rooms are completely empty, but Availin feels a strong residual of Psionic activity here.

Finally in the back of this chamber are 2 seperate rooms, each with seperate observation rooms connected to them. Strangely enough, these rooms look like morgues.

The exit door is locked and there is a key hidden somewhere that they must find. They search the rooms, steering clear of the morgues, but do not find a key. It must be in one of the morgues.

They bust into an observation room and spot a key cast off into one of the morgues. There appear to be at least 3 bodies laying covered in a white sheet. Pavlik rushes in and the bodies begin to rise and make chase, but he manages to grab the key quicily and spider climbs on the ceiling to get out of their reach.

Red 4: Energy Core

A stream of magma from further iside the volcano passes through a corner of this room, by design. A smaller stream is then siphoned off from this and directed to the center of the room, where a small magma pool is formed. Above this magma pool is a giant machine shaped like a funnel. There are pipes coming to and from the machine. One set marked “Water In” the other marked “Steam Out”.

Also in this room are a hive of fire bats who have made home inside the funnel and a small handful of destrachans who prey on the fire bats by disrupting their sight with this sonic blasts. This makes the bats fall to the ground where they become dinner for the destrachans.

The destrachans are eaily intimidated by the party and flee to a far side of the room while they pass through.

5: Bridge Control

The party activates the second half of the bridge and now Chamber 5 is connected to Chamber 6 in all three color worlds.

At this point the party can access Chamber 6 in any color world. They have a feeling that whatever awaits them in the Yellow world will not be fun so they try Blue and then Red first.

Blue 6: Blue Boss

Columns and plant life occupy much space in this room. Hiding away, waiting for the party to get just close enough is a Deep Spawn! This 14’ diameter sphere of eyestalks and tentacles is a cousin to the dreaded beholder. three of its tentacles end in toothy jaws while the other three can be used like how a squid uses it tentacles or a monkey its tail.

In the small room just past this chamber is just two runes on the wall, they are two numbers.

Red 6: Red Boss

Just a large empty room with a dirt floor, or so it appears. Underground is a giant boulette that can sense tremors above when people walk. It then erupts from the ground and tries to swallow its victims whole. Its body is covered with hard plates that make piercing it very difficult. The party finds it easier to wait until it leaps through the air and attack its underbelly which is much softer.

In the small room just past this chamber is just two runes on the wall, they are two numbers. Together with the other numbers they think they might have a four digit pass code which could grant them access to at least one of the locked buildings in the Grey World, the Library, the Gardens, the Temple, and the Crypt.

Yellow 6: Yellow Boss

This “creature” is made up of a bunch of 4 foot diameter metal mechanical spheres with four mechanical “arms” that can interconnect the spheres together to form a larger mechanical construct.

The only way to stop this thing (these things) is to knock it apart with a large blow of damage. When this happens the pieces can be attacked individually or even disabled (if you are an engineer like “Tank”). Within 1d4 rounds though the pieces which are still active rejoin together and must be broken apart again before they can be shut down/destroyed. They start off facing 9 spheres. As a group they do devestating damage, individually they can attack with their hooked clawed “hands” for much less damage.

In the room beyond this chamber is a massive trove of gold and gems that whoever built this place must have put here to keep it from being pillaged. The party fills their bags and exists the 3DCompound for the Grey World.



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