The Ilumnos Series

Chapter 5- Library and Gardens

After getting the four digit code which provides them access to two of the four buildings in the Grey World the party enters The Gardens. It is obvious that the former residents of the city used some sort of technology to grow food in this large building. It also also pretty obvious that there was some sort of sudden destruction of the plants here. Traces of ash and hollow empty branches and roots scatter the now overgrown with weed field. It is not obvious what the disaster was or if it was an accident of done on purpose.

The library looks a bit like a typical library, housed with tons of books that are completely incomprehensible to the party. However, in the center of the main room there is a strange domed machine that the party manages to turn on. Inside the dome a small humanoid grasshopper creature appears seemingly out of thing air. It welcomes them to the library and asks them what they would like to know about. The party begins probing the creature, and it answers within it’s capacity. It is an interface with some sort of computer like system that houses the knowledge of the entire library and more. They are called the Lumar.

The Lumar were a very advanced race that was able to unlock the secrets of light magic/technology and travel to worlds they could never reach on foot or even by spaceship (if they had that technology). The Lumar discovered that they were immune to a strange disease that seemed to be popping up in many different worlds, and later realised that though immune they were somehow carrying it and infecting countless lives and destruving whole civilizations. Realizing their destructive role they decided the right thing to do would be to quarantine themselves, so they created this space between wolrds, the Grey World, and locked temselves away for 1247 years, which is a holy number to them, for it was believed that the disease would be gone by then and that it would be a good time to come back to the worlds they formerly inhabited. Tragedy struck when many years later a strange outbreak occured that the Lumar believes was the same strange diease which they had spread world to world years earlier. It spread to their food supply and they burned and destroyed it to keep it from killing everyone, but it was too late, they were down to their last numbers. Those still unaffected sent the infected to another color world to be quarantined in hopes to save their grey world habitat, but their numbers dwindled down to one final Lumar who left a message telling of the descent of his species.

Holding the blue, red, and yellow crystals to the Ilumnos Machine but still missing a power source for the third arm/slot they are faced with the choice of going into the green or orange world….



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