The Ilumnos Series

Prequel - Ilumnos

Four strangers from four strange worlds each stumble upon a magical door (thanks to the lead of an exotic and mysterious grasshopper). The door seems to lead into another world. Whether it was curiousity or an enchanment that got the best of them, they each decided to pass through the door and into this strange world. They each find themselves among large stone buildings neatly orangized into circles getting smaller and smaller towards the center of the city where a cobblestone road leads to a large domed building which is also the tallest building around. Thick snowflakes fall peacefully, but never collect on the ground or any other surface, leaving behind no trace of their existance. Strangest of all is that while there is no sun, moon, or anyother type of light source present, a dim ambient light fills the air, making everything it touches glow faintly but with its touch it drains all color. They stand in an empty world of gray.

After some exploration of the city the four strangers stumble across one another in the center, by the huge domed building, which has the word ‘Ilumnos’ etched over its large door. After some introductions and conversation the four enter the building to find it is full of giant gears, moving parts, wires, and tubes. The machine inside is part of the structure of the building, which is itself the biggest thing in the city. The center of the building is a control panel and a large glass tube which stretches up almost to the top of the glass dome, pointing toward a large clear crystal which seems to magically float above the tube.

The only one among them who has any proficiency with machines, a man called Tank, figures out how to turn the machine on. Parts start moving and the building is filled with the deafening sound of mechanical ambiance. A beam of light shines inside the tube, but nothing seems to happen. After searching the room, one of the four, Availin , finds a disc shaped crystal which actually shines blue in this gray world! They find a slot to put the disc in and send it into the tube. when the light hits it, it turns blue and hits the crystal up top which sends blue light into the world outside through the glass dome.

Strangely the door they entered through has disappeared and a new door appears on a different wall, and a large flight of stairs on the opposite side. The door, which has a strange yellow rune on it, appears to be magically locked, so they head up the stairs. They climb for a long time until they get to a door on the ceiling, which they discover is actually a door on the ocean floor, about 3-4 feet deep. They step out of the door and enter a new world.



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