The Ilumnos Series

Chapter 1- Fang of Fenris

The world before them is a dark forest located on the shore. The air is cold and the earth and trees are slighly frosted over. There is no immediate sign of any civilization. After waundering into the forest the group notices plumes of smoke, a sign of intelligent life. On their way toward a hopeful encounter with someone who could tell them something about what is going on, at the least what world they are in, they are ambushed by a pack of wolves. Outmatched they are saved by a party of hunters from the village of Gamla, the place they were heading toward. The hunters are shocked to see other people, and even more so by the sight of Baran, a sun elf, who they believe must be from a place called Alfheimer. Pavlik Shadehaven, who is a halfling, they find strange but funny. One of the hunters quips, “Well we know he isn’t from Jotanheimer!”

The group is escorted through the village where curious yet frightened villagers peer at them from their huts and to a small circle where the village men have gathered, donning weapons and armor, and the village elder, Krugmar, is awaiting them. He asks many questions about who they are, where they are from and what their intentions are. A handful of runes are thrown into the air in an attempt to discern the fate of this rare meeting. Krugmar gathers some together and they spell Fang of Fenris … The exact meaning of the runes is left unknow to them at this time. He tells the group that they are to be guests of the village and are welcome to food and other hospitalities.

Pavlik meets a small girl of about 9 or 10 named Halldara who is charmed by his small stature and wit. She offeres him a gift, a small flower she tells him she found the day after the Night of Black Moon, or eclipse. She tells him that her father got upset at her for going into the forest due to the fact that there are wolves around which have been viciously attacking their people lately, so he took the flowers away, but she snuck this one out, but wants him to have it. No one knows at this time the flower’s magical properties.

Baran speaks with a man named Falki who has odds and ends, and has even traveled far outside the village in hopes of finding some information. He discovers that it is believed that there are no other people anywhere else in the world, and that the villagers believe they are living in a post-end-times period called Ragnarok, in which a deity called Odin is killed by a deity they refer to as The Fenris Wolf. It is believed that after killing the mighty Odin, he trvaled to their world, which they call Midgard, and hid in a cave on the island just of the coast, which they now refer to as Fengard.

The next day the group notices that Krugmar is wearing a necklace, a silver chain holding a red disc-like crystal. It is obviously the crystal they need to leave this place and move on to another world, which might bring them a step closer to home. They speak to Krugmar, hoping to obtain the crystal. He explains that it is an artifact of their people, passed down from ancient times, and could never be given away, however it could be traded for an artifact of their people of equal value. They are sent to the island of Fengard to retrieve the fang of the Fenris Wolf, which is at least equally as historic and valuable, not to mention legend says it has the power to control wolves, which will stop the vicious attacks that have been pestering them.

On the island of Fengard they stumble across many primitive traps, such as covered pits, dart traps, and swinging block traps. They also find a rusty sword and an old moldy pirate flag. There is a large cave, which must be where Fenris is believed to have slept. Around the entrance are broken glass bottles and some assorted clothes. Inside the cave they find deteriorated wooden tables, chairs and a chest. The back of the cave is littered with bones of all shapes and sizes. Among the bones is a large fang, which glows intensely with magic.

They return to the village with the artifact as a full moon beems down. As they await the return of Krugmar and a pack of hunters out killing wolves, they notice a thick fog rolling in from the ocean and swear to hearing the sound of creaking wooden beams. Suddenly a ghostly looking ship emerges from the fog and reaches the shore. Large wolf-men who stand on two’s come off the ship carrying swords and they charge the village. Everyone scrambles to get a defensive force together and as the wolves draw near they notice one pull its head back and reveal a relieving secret, it is a man in wolf’s pelt! They meet the invading force head on and though they are outnumbered they quickly defeat all of their foes, with very little casualties on their side.

They and the local villagers who fought beside them begin to tend to the wounded as the light of the full moon shines down on the dead bodies and the corpses rise and transform into the man-wolf forms they had first seen. Thus begins the second battle. The werewolves seem impervious to their weaponry and they are losing many men. Pavlik decides to try to lure the wolf-men by waving the fang and running off into the thicker woods. He runs up a tree and is completely surrounded. While throwing rocks down at the wolves the flower which was given to him by the small girl, Halldara, falls out of his pocket and lands on one of the wolves, instantly setting it ablaze and killing it.

As others rush to help the stranded Pavlik he tells them of the power of the flower, which they later discover to be the local form of Wolvesbane which only grows during an eclipse and begins to brown and rot under the moonlight. They rush back to the village to get the basket of flowers which Halldara’s father took from her. Using these flowers the group manages to defeat all of the werewolves and save some of the village warriors.

After Krugmar returns and the dead and wounded and taken care of they exchange the fang for the red crystal and make their way back to the Ilumnos Machine to discover another new world.



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